The use of a pallet truck in warehouses is a very common sight

Air Purifier Motors Manufacturers The use of a pallet truck in warehouses is a very common sight. People have been using these machines ever since the concept of warehouse management came into the picture. However, nowhere is their use more prevalent than in a cargo and shipping firm. These are firms that are responsible for carrying goods from the companies to the shipping firms. Every year, several thousand tones of goods are moved between places that span across seas and continents. In order for the orders to be fulfilled, there is a need for a middleman that helps to move the goods to airliners and shipping firms. This is where cargo firms come into the picture. Their main use is to package all the goods received, mark them up and have them delivered to the ships. In order to move these goods around, there is a need for trucks that can stack and move heavy load around.

Just like all other warehouse management firms, these firms too require to move both small and large goods alike. While there are complicated and more expensive machines available for heavy loads, the lighter loads are almost always stacked using a hand pallet truck that is cheap, light and easy to operate. When the warehouse if full of similar objects that can be classified into one group, they may be needed to be stacked one on top of the other and the mechanical hand trucks do a good job at this. Even though manual labor is required to move these loads, the effectiveness of these basic machines cannot be understated.

When you talk about goods that are heavy and difficult to be lifted by a hand operated machines, the hydraulic pallet truck and electric pallet truck come into the picture. Used primarily by workers n order to transport and move heavy duty products such as steel and cement blocks, these are expensive and may require a certain amount to training to master. Once the same has been achieved, these equipment help save a lot of money. Electricity and hydraulics produce the much needed raw power to move and lift heavy goods and machinery. In terms of stacking, these can be used to lift a product several feet in the air and then stack the same. Electric cars on the other hand have proven to be an excellent way to move these goods from one pile to another when there is a need for the same. These machines come in handy especially in areas where the inventory of the firm spans across acres of land and there is a need for mobility around the warehouse. Whatever be your job or the load, there is a machine that will execute the task for you.

Motor For Mixers Manufacturers Shipping and packaging firms are on the rise and there is great demand for them. Being the intermediary between two parties is not an easy task. People interested in purchasing such machines can do so through the websites listen online. These companies have tie-ups with the manufacturers of the cranes.

Why every time we decide that we absolutely need some workout

Why every time we decide that we absolutely need some workout, we spend tons of cash?Why every time we going to the gym there is a blown up coach that tell us what to do and yell on us that we doing it all wrong?

When your exercise at the gym you probably lifting some weight, run or walk on a walking machine, doing everything through machines.And after you stop going to the gym, you Motor For Mixers Manufacturers losing all the investment you did, everything go back to be as it was before you start to exercise.

Why Hand Drier Motors Manufacturers those it happened? Because when you inter the gym and start your work with all of those machines, you putting a lot of weight and exercise in 1 time, after long time that your body didn’t do a thing, except moving for the chair to the bed.That is why we getting everything we owned in the first please back.

So what is the formula? How can we save cash and make effective exercise at the same time?Very simple, and perhaps to some of you it is not a secret because you performerming it already, like me.Workout at home! What do I mean?I mean that you begin working-out natural, slowly.
If you start to ran, began with a sort path, and each time that you feel that you do it with out to mach effort make it little bit longer.

Get an strain chart form the web and see what is the most good for you.This is the way to do it, step by step, slowly and consistently.Same on the body strength and muscle, you start with ten push-ups and 20 sit-ups for example, and after it become easy you raise it up.

What are your goals for your house cleaning business?

When I started my house cleaning business, I had a business plan and goals. One of those goals was to be known as a professional service with top paying clients. Establishing a business plan helped me define who these top paying clients were and how I would win them as my clients.

At the time I started this house cleaning business, the upright vacuums with the tools-on-board were relatively new. When I saw my first bright orange German-made machine at the supply company, I fell in love and knew this was one way to stand out from the other cleaning services. Imagine my glee as I looked over this sleek machine with the HEPA filter, dual motor and furniture arm that would allow me to complete a room without the additional time and energy needed to interrupt my routine and retrieve the canister.

This was a huge investment for me at the time, but I knew I could offset the cost with reduced cleaning time and acquire more customers by telling my prospects about this unique vacuum.

These features were important to prospects as so many people in my city had allergies and asthma and were concerned about the additional dust floating through their home by the usual vacuum cleaners.

With the dual motor, this vacuum turned off the beater bar automatically when it was placed in an upright position, allowing me to use the on-board tools without having to press a button. This is an important feature because it is so easy to forget to turn the beater bar off and this could wear the carpet while standing in one position and in some instances, even cause a burn.

One feature of this commercial brand vacuum that I was looking forward to was the 50ft cord that would allow me to vacuum whole sections of the house before having to re-plug. You know what I’m talking about; you just have a small section left to vacuum by the back window and the cord will not reach. This is so frustrating that sometimes you end up not completing that section just because you do not want to take the time to re-plug for that little area. I knew this would be a problem when I started hiring employees.

This great vacuum lays flat to vacuum under beds and tables; what a time saver! Soon after I started using the vacuum in client homes, I realized another benefit. Those darn paper clips, rubber bands and other small objects that normally rattle around in other vacuums are sucked right in and immediately deposited in the vacuum bag. No more broken fan blades and no more stopping to get the vacuum head working again.

And my clients loved this machine. They were so impressed they told their referrals who then called to schedule an appointment and would always ask if I would bring the orange vacuum. This machine more than paid for itself many times over.

This orange machine has evolved over the years and the stability issue they originally had has been resolved. Many new brands have been introduced to the commercial industry.

Upright Versus Canister

As a professional house cleaner, you must have two vacuums. You’ll need the canister for bare flooring and a good upright for carpets. You can invest in the back pack canister that you don’t have to pull around, purchase used light weight floor canisters or even invest in one of the newer, super small hand held canisters that have the suction of the larger models.

In maintaining carpet quality and also keeping your repair bills down, you should consider a new, commercial brand upright with the tools. Why a commercial over any store-brands?

Commercial Versus Store-Brands

We’re all familiar with the store-brands, but look at what you get with a commercial upright:

– The unit lays flat to vacuum under beds Blower Motor Suppliers and tables

- Picks up paper clips, rubber bands and other small objects without clogging or stopping the beater bar. This is due to a unique design that filters the dirt through the bag and not the blower fan. Many store-brand vacuum repairs and replacements are due to this one design flaw that allows the dirt to be sucked into the machine through the fan.

- Molded-in easy-carry handle allows the vacuum to be carried with proper weight distribution

- 35′ – 50′ cords allow more square footage to be vacuumed before the need to re-plug

- Large capacity, top-fill bag for efficiency and increased time between changes

- Superior air filtration along with the sturdier construction which prevents harmful dust and particulates from escaping through gaps in the vacuum cleaner body or around the filter Single Phase Motors Manufacturers seal.

- Less needless features to pay for that only end up not working like dirt sensors, etc.

- The furniture arm: this one feature alone I would pay extra for! This is the extension that you see on one side of the vacuum head on most commercial upright vacuums. I have never seen this feature on a store-brand. This one feature saved me from having to move furniture when it’s not needed because the furniture arm loops around furniture legs.

Badded Versus Bagless

You’ll find 75% of the store-brand uprights are bagless while 75% of the commercial brands are bagged. That’s because the dirt receptacle on the bagless vacuums emit so much dust when emptied. The commercial vacuums and bags are designed to be air-tight and retain the dust.

HEPA Filter

The High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system is a must have for those people with asthma, allergies and/or pets. These special filters alter the flow of the air passing through them in such a way that any particles contained in the air become trapped in the many tiny fibers which make up the filter. HEPA filters trap germs and other contaminants, which then die in the dry environment of the filter.

By having a business plan and goals, I was able to define what people were looking for and also define the niche for my house cleaning business. I also defined what products and equipment were right for my clients, set my rate to ensure a healthy profit and cost justified equipment that required a large investment.

What are your goals for your house cleaning business? To stand apart from your competitors and land more jobs, you have to define the type of clients you want to service and then offer what they want. If you’re selling your service on price alone, there will always be other cleaners that will under bid your price. Be unique and you’ll be getting the first calls and the chance to sell what you have to offer.

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a state-of-the-art Bread

Each of the person in the world want to start his/her day from tastier brew, softer bread and biscuit, fruit juices or milk. Bread maker machines are now found in every home with splendid appearance and performance because it let the novice even learn how to make breads at their places without getting messed with its dough. In minor span of time it cooks the bread in softer texture which just gets melt in mouth making to feel great while eating. Breads are eaten in various kinds and other than simply eating with butter, omelet or fried and boiled egg. One could transform its whole taste by turning them into smaller pieces and frying it with fresh vegetables such as cabbage, capsicum, red chillies, carrot, tomato, beans, onions and so on. This healthier breakfast is just fantastic for the all the Blower Motor Suppliers age group people and those who keep innovating something different in their foods are cleared about this fact that it is just in their hands how to add deliciousness in the simple eatables.

Addition of soya sauce ad chilli sauce in the above mentioned item will convert it completely into the Chinese dish which is loved by people of all over the world. If you want that each day you can present something perfect breakfast in front of all your family members then buy best Bread Maker so that in no time you can be ready with the main ingredient necessary for your dish. This domestic appliance is used to bake the uncooked stuff of bread made from refined flour, pinch of salt, sugar, oil and water. The temperature developed within the device helps in baking it in the smooth kinds and all the bread eaters know it that more puffy would be the dough mare tastier will be the bread after getting properly baked. This device can be taken in different sizes. If you are okay with its longer size then pick the bigger from the market so that in one o you can make lots of breads but if you want that it could not capture much of your kitchenette space then switching your moods towards the smaller ones is not at all a bad idea.

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a state-of-the-art Bread Maker that looks like a small Xerox machine. The easy to press buttons guide Hand Drier Motors Manufacturers user in the simplest way how to be friendly with this kind of machine? Similarly, there are many companies which manufacturers bread preparing machines and produce them in the market in cheaper cost so that for sure, each of the family should have it in their houses. The user has to pour the uncooked bread making mixture into the pot and set the temperature of the device. As the time of cooking finishes switch it off and get ready to bite the softer buns!

Someone suffering from this sleep disorder will often snore

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is an illness that many people fail to recognize until after the symptoms have caused grief to the family and employers. In fact, the spouse is often the first one to realize that there may be a physical reason for the odd behaviors and symptoms of someone suffering from sleep apnea (OSA).

Someone suffering from this sleep disorder will often snore very loudly. The snoring may be so loud, in fact, that his or her partner gets little sleep. Someone with OSA will also appear to stop breathing for a second or two during sleep, which looks like they’re temporarily holding their breath. The subsequent lack of oxygen causes them to be startled awake, but often they are completely unaware that they wake up many times during the night. Since the individual usually drops back to sleep almost immediately, and then begins snoring again, partners often believes they are the only ones missing sleep. This can be a severe strain on the relationship, especially if the person with OSA refuses to seek treatment.

It may look as though an individual with this sleep disorder is getting lots of sleep, so it seems strange to others if the individual has difficulty staying awake during the daytime, even dropping off to sleep at inappropriate times. They may have difficulty concentrating, and appear depressed. Because they really aren’t getting quality sleep during the night, they may also have a reduced interest in sex, and other personality changes can also occur. Some of these symptoms are similar to common mental health disorders, and others are seen by friends and coworkers as symptoms of laziness or sloth. This judgement can add to the individual’s stress, and can make relationship problems even worse.

If someone you know who suffers from these symptoms, it would be wise to encourage them to see their doctor. The snoring and obstructed breathing during sleep usually have a physical cause, which may vary from one individual to another. There may be an obstruction in the upper airway due to excess tissue caused by obesity, or the tonsils or tongue may be too large. In addition, the airway muscles are usually relaxed or collapse during sleep.

Some of the causes of sleep apnea are also associated with other life-threatening conditions. A proper diagnosis is important, because if the individual goes without treatment he or she will have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, and other forms of heart disease. In addition to the physical risks of this sleep disorder, relationships with families, friends and employers may continue to suffer. Productivity at work will go down because Bathroom Exhaust Motors Manufacturers the individual is so abnormally sleepy, and it can become dangerous to work with heavy equipment or drive an automobile.

There are a number of ways that obstructive sleep apnea can be treated, including the use of a C-PAP (continous positive airway pressure) machine. This machine has a nose mask that is worn during sleep. The C-PAP machine keeps air blowing into the nose, which will keep the airway open. If obesity is a causitive factor in sleep apnea, as it often is, the patient will be advised to slim down. Weight loss is almost always Blower Motor Suppliers accompanied by a complete cessation of sleep apnea symptoms, and for this reason some obese OSA patients are opting for gastric bypass surgery.

Because sleep apnea may be caused by a variety of factors, and because the symptoms could also be caused by sleep disorders other then OSA, a diagnosis by a qualified professional is needed before treatment can begin. Your doctor will usually prescribe a sleep test, which is done by a specialized clinic. This test is usually covered by medical insurance, but it is always a good idea to call your insurance carrier to see if they require you to visit a clinic that is contracted with them. The results of the sleep test will tell your doctor if any form or respiratory equipment is required, or if surgery is indicated. Experimental treatments, such as the Radio Frequency Procedure developed by Stanford University, will probably not be covered by your insurance.

Do you snore, or do you sleep with someone who snores so loudly that you can’t get any sleep? It’s time to see a doctor to find out if sleep apnea is to blame.

Running a business successfully

Quotation Junction is a one stop shop to take care of your office suplliers from vending machines copiers and fax machines.

There are often multiple points youll want to consider, prior to deciding to enter an office supplies store to obtain your right pick. The points Air Purifier Motors Manufacturers youll want to consider basically depend on the type of business requirements such as ; the type of prints you need, whether black/white or multicolored. Also, you need to find out the amount of documents you copy daily and much more things.

Running a business successfully, whether home or office based, isnt feasible without using a good photocopier. Like every other office automation product, a photocopier too needs to go through your criteria test before you purchase it Bathroom Exhaust Motors Manufacturers for your office.

We offer great deals for your printer, plotters, cctv camera, voip phone, and whiteboard and telephone systems.

However, now, the most effective move is to go into the shop, so you can find out a photocopier of your requirement. You may put look at these features of a photocopier machine.

Papersize : A4 is the standard size for photocopiers. When it comes to documents of A 3 size, they tend to not perform and thats because they are not equipped to do so. Most of the portable photocopiers cant do it. However, there are many innovative photocopiers available which are efficient with both sizes. So such machines might be a better choice.

How fast is it: This is the first thing you need to be aware of while buying your office supplies is that higher speed photocopier can have a speed of almost 100 pages per minute. So if you own a high scale office it will come in very handy. For low workload offices, go for something with a speed of 40-50 pages per minute

Paper Capacity: You cant afford to place sheets in the paper feed every now and then. Thus you need to buy a photocopier with much better paper holding capacity. The best photocopier will be one which can hold as many as 3000-5000 sheets of A 4 size in the tray. Now you are free for almost 2-3 days.

Toner Replacement: The photocopiers of older versions needed to be stopped while copying the documents when you needed to change the toner. It marred the production a lot and killed the valuable time too. Thus you need to buy a modern and efficient photocopier which allows you to replace the toner without disrupting your work flow. Also, changing toner in such machine is not a tedious job.

Features: There are various works you need to do with your printed documents such as hole punching, stapling etc. Wont it be great to find out a copier which can do all these things for you? Ask your supplier for such features in your office automation equipment.

Do check out our blog on photocopier data threats for issues to bear in mind after getting your photocopier.

For your office equipment do have a look at our range of photocopiers such as canon, xerox, sharp, toshiba and fax machines.

Games available in most casinos are commonly called casino

Gambling – offline as well as online casino gambling – has fast become a leisure activity attracting a growing number of people. Casino gambling offline is often combined with trips and vacations to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and several other cities in the U.S., with agrowing number of UK casinos included. Casino gambling is also a popular exercise in Europe and most of the world. However, for some access to casinos are limited or absent. The Internet however, offers a lot of gambling and gambling opportunities for those.

If you are a newbie and can be trained to become a professional casino gambler from the comfort of your home. It is good to feel the pressure from other players when they are experimenting with different strategies and obtain their basic playing skills. Your best teacher is your mistakes, not the comfort of your home, without any kind of criticism that I know best “voices. Another reason for bathroom exhaust motor playing online casino is that you save money on a hotel, restaurants and airline tickets. It is also easier for people with disabilities to access an online casino one line. Remember that an online casino is like a real casino – which has the same games, black jack, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps and others – the same emotion and you can win real money.

Games available in most casinos are commonly called casino games. In a casino game, the players gamble casino chips on various possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. Casino games are available in online casinos, where permitted by law.Casino games can also be played outside of casinos for entertainment purposes, some on machines that simulate gambling. Gambling City features in-depth online gambling articles that cover every aspect of various types of casino games, including rules, strategy and odds, and offers flash versions of free online casino games so you can hone your skill without worrying about your bankroll.

air purifier motor England is given credit for affectionately giving their slot machines the title of “fruit machine”, where they can now be found in just about every betting parlor and club in the UK. Essentially the same as a slot machine (aside from how the machines are played and offering certain elements of skill and pseudo-skill), fruit machines are aptly named in the sense that many of their reel symbols were originally fruits – Namely, the quintessential and ubiquitous stemmed cherries.

The problem with this model is the tendency to become unbalanced

Anyone shopping for a new washing machine has no doubt paused and looked admiringly at front loaders in bright red or cobalt blue. These machines are beautiful and efficient in water and detergent use.

But a couple of drawbacks may cause some shoppers to reconsider. One drawback is the $200 pedestal that should be purchased to elevate some models. And some people motor for mixer may find the front loaders are not as easy to use as a top loader.

An alternative might be a top loading hybrid. The one designed by Fisher Paykel incorporates some of the same technology that allows front loaders to use so little water while maintaining the traditional, easy to use top loading design. The large top opening makes it very easy asynchronous motor to add and remove clothes.

In addition to efficient water use, Fisher Paykel washers are simply engineered, using a direct drive motor. This eliminates belts, pulleys, brakes, clutches and gears. This is a nice improvement since there are few parts to break. If something does go wrong, repair is easier and less expensive than conventional washers. One salesman claimed that the entire machine could be taken apart completely and repaired with a single screwdriver in fifteen minutes.

These top loading hybrids use 76 less energy than traditional washers and take 50 less time to complete a wash than front loading machines. Some spin at 1,000 RPMs, cutting drying time by 30 . They also use HE detergent.

While the Fisher Paykel eco friendly model has an agitator, it also squeezes or forces water through clothes at certain points in the wash cycle. This reduces wear on clothes, much as a front loading machine does. With the electronic controls, users can select a favorite for repeated loads or choose from 24 possible combinations for special requirements. This allows for precise setting, requiring less water and electricity.

When the wash cycle begins, water flows in, then there is a pause while the washer waits for clothes to become saturated and air to be dissipated. This is another great water saving feature. The washer only uses as much water as needed.

The high spin speed may be a little disconcerting to new users. 1,000 RPMs does create some vibration. People should consider where the washer is located in the home so vibrations are not a problem.

New users should expect to make a few changes in the way they do their laundry. Do not wrap clothes around the agitator. Instead, pile items loosely. Also, learn to use less detergent.

The problem with this model is the tendency to become unbalanced if the manufacturers recommendations for loading are not followed carefully. Mixing items of different weights causes unbalance problems. For example, washing one or two pairs of jeans with a load of lightweight shirts doesnt work well. However, a full load of jeans or other heavy items works fine.

For a consumer who is accustomed to traditional washers, any of the new washers requires learning a few new techniques. But the trade off is worth it. Hybrid washers deliver clean clothes that dry quickly with little or no wrinkling. And they do save water and electricity.

By the way, the salesman referred to above actually worked for a rival manufacturer. His recommendation carried even more weight when he suggested the Fisher Paykel eco friendly hybrid!

Many of todays top software slot games providers are Flash Casino types

From the one range hood motor armed bandit slot machines of the Wild West to interactive online video slot game extravaganza s has been an interesting evolutionary process. Who would have imagined Slot gaming could have changed so much during the past 120 years. Yet the changes in online video slots from 1995 has out done the changes that took place in slot machines from 1895 to 1990.

Charles Fey is well known for inventing the old time slot machine. Some say that slots even predated Fey but none where as famous or extensively distributed. Fey teamed up with Mills Novelty Company in 1885 to develop and distribute his work of passion, the slot machine. Interestingly enough his slots featured card symbols rather than the well known old time fruit symbols. These first Fey/Novelty slot machines were made of cast iron, cumbersome and heavy. The cast iron bell would ring when a win was hit. This feature is present in most land based casinos today. With the acceptance of the new product came refinement in looks and practicality. Soon slots were being made out of a lighter material, namely wood and sleeker in design.

Many changes took place from then to the 1990 when the Internet began to capture the hearts of almost the entire world. It is not within the scope of this article to name all the changes but everyone has seen movies depicting coin operated machines in casinos before this time period. The image of gushing coins and ecstatic faces comes to my minds eye. Today you can enter land based casinos that offer out dated coin operated slot machines. To me they seem antiquated and out of step compared to the Internet offerings.

Online gambling took hold from 1995 to 2000. Most of the online slot games that were served to the public during these 5 years were simple and almost childish. The games were, mostly one line fruities. As a few years past they began to get more graphically orientated, sophisticated and professional. The payouts were and still are much better than brick and mortar casinos. The overhead of online gaming is much lower than land based casinos. This liberated the operators from an 80 payout to , in many cases 98 . This made the slot games even more popular then before. And I might add they were all coin less.

Today the better online slot machine games offer graphics composed by some of the most talented graphic arts companies. The new releases are not only beautiful but the games much more interactive. You can start with spinning reels and end up deep into one, two or even three layers of progressive interaction. Personally I enjoy good graphics even more than the action of the game. When I review a new slot I find myself presenting the graphics more than the jackpot. So you can see there are many facets to the enjoyment of new online slot gaming. There is the intricate playing of Bonus Game features, Life Changing jackpot amounts and wonderful graphics swimming in front of our collective subconscious, stimulating feelings deep within.

Many of todays top software slot games providers are Flash Casino types. This is a general term meaning you can play the slots from your browser. The software does not have to be downloaded from the casino before you can play them. They are also called a no download slot game or a Mac compatible slot game or Mac compatible casino. These no download slot machine games offer the advantage that you can play them on computers that are not yours. When the computer is not owned by you it is normally not acceptable that you would download new programs in the hard drive. But using them on the surface of the browser is permitted.

So if you have been an avid roulette or table game enthusiast, I beg you to take a close look at some of the better software providers new releases in online slot games. In just a few short years they have come a long way in satisfaction and enjoyment for the players. All the while the roulette motor for washing machine table has remained the same. Get ready for a new stage of online slot popularity.

By taking these steps you’re making this time

Weight loss using a good Treadmill workout program has worked for many people – and it can work for you too.

Treadmills can be used by virtually any age group, and by individuals of any activity level. Treadmills can help you lose weight, and maintain your weight loss.

It really is a numbers game. The more time you spend doing cardiovascular exercises the more calories you are going to burn and the more weight you will lose. And if you are looking for fitness equipment that will get the maximum burn, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list.

The treadmill is unsurpassed for a cardiovascular workout. According to a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 865 – 705. This compares to:

Stair machine 746 – 637

Rowing machine 739 – 606

Stationary cycle 604 – 556

Cross-country ski machine 678 – 595

This is one of numerous studies, that rank a treadmill as the number one cardiovascular machine.

Here are a few steps you can take to develop your own weight loss treadmill program:

Find ways to make your Treadmill session enjoyable, by listening to music, books on tape, or teaching tapes. Or, some people prefer to just enjoy nature and life around them, and the time to think, pray, or just let their mind wander. The more you enjoy your Treadmill workout, the more likely you are to workout consistently.

Make it a DAILY habit – just like brushing your teeth. Working out on your Treadmill daily makes your weight loss ambitions much more likely to succeed than if you are working out two to three days a week. And, most people that make the switch will tell you that it’s easier to workout every day. You don’t have to think about whether it’s a workout day or not and get geared up for it – motor for elevator you just do it every day and your body gets used to it. It soon becomes a normal part of your day and you begin to look forward to it.

Incorporate “intervals” into three or four of your Treadmill sessions each week. bathroom exhaust motor Intervals are brief periods (about one minute) of more intense exercise mixed into your Treadmill sessions. For example, you would do a one minute interval of faster walking about every five minutes throughout your exercise session.

Here’s how it will look; you’ll start with your normal three to five minute warm-up and then five minutes into your walk you do your first interval, one minute of faster walking (or perhaps jogging). At the end of that minute you should be “winded” and ready to slow down. You’ll slow down to your normal walking speed for the next four minutes and then your fifth minute is another one minute interval. This pattern continues throughout your exercise session.

Intervals increase your aerobic fitness level by “pushing the envelope.” While doing your interval you cross the anaerobic threshold into anaerobic metabolism, forcing your body to become conditioned to more intense exercise and making it a better weight loss program.

Intervals increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR), causing you to burn more calories 24 hours-a-day, and intervals can make your exercise less monotonous and help the time pass more quickly.

If you’re not weight training, walk on your Treadmill with light (one to two pound) hand weights two to three days per week. Swing your arms and also use a variety of arm movements while walking to tone your upper body muscles and further increase your basal metabolic rate.

If at all possible, do your Treadmill workout first thing in the morning. Over 90% of people who workout consistently, do so first thing in the morning. If YOU want to exercise consistently, odds are in your favor if you hop to it early.

Make one day a week your “easy day.” Make this a very leisurely workout. Appreciate how good your walks are starting to feel as you lose weight and tone your muscles.

Keep a record of your workout. There’s something very motivating about seeing your workout accomplishments and paper. Record the date and time-of-day of your workout, and the distance and/or time you walked. Keep a running total of the miles or minutes you’ve walked. Also, record your thoughts or feelings for that particular workout.

By taking these steps you’re making this time each day a special time to take care of yourself. Make that a priority in your life and don’t let anyone or anything keep you from that time. Working out on your Treadmill every day will help you achieve your weight loss goals and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life, including fitness level!

So, from the simple perspective of weight loss, the treadmill is by far the best exercise machine given its significantly associated energy expenditure. Treadmills have consistently provided quality results and lasting benefits. Treadmills allow you to work at your own pace, but don’t allow you to slack off. You’ll be able to burn calories effectively and reach your weight loss goals. It’s that simple.