Perform the seated shoulder press as you normally

The benefits of the shoulder press machine are many: improved shoulder strength and muscle mass, no need to kick dumbells up to your shoulders, increased stability, etc.

But many gyms are sorely lacking when it comes to shoulder press machines. They may not have one at all or one that simply doesn’t work well.

What would you say if I were to tell you that you can not only very easily make your own shoulder press out of common gym equipment, it actually works even better than machines specifically designed for shoulder pressing!

How To Build It:

In order to build this, you’ll need two Olympic Bars (one bar will do if you don’t have two but you’ll then you’ll have to do the exercise one arm at a time), a power rack and some weight plates. Nothing fancy here.

Essentially, you’ll be using the two bars, set inside the rack, as levers. You’ll be outside the rack to either the left or right side, facing in, pushing up on the ends of the two bars as though they were the handles of a machine.

To maximize the effectiveness of this exercise, we’ll need a rather specific setup. Once you know how to set the exercise up, you’ll find it’s just as quick as any other rack exercise setup.

Start by setting a flat bench beside the rack, with the end about a foot from the side of the rack. This is what you’ll be sitting on as you do the exercise. Next, we’ll be setting the height of your safety rails in the rack. The height will vary somewhat, depending on how tall you are.

Sit on your bench, facing the rack, and set the safety rail right in front of you to a little above your shoulder height. The other safety rail should be set about 2 feet higher than this rail. Having the other end higher is necessary for proper and safe functioning of the movement. The two Olympic bars should not go much higher than horizontal at the top of the movement. This is especially important if the safety rails on your rack are smooth metal. If the bars go higher than horizontal, you may end up sliding them forward rather than up.

Set the two bars on the rails in the rack, about shoulder-width apart (approximately 2 feet). They will be angled down towards the bench at about a 35 degree angle.

In order to ensure that the bars don’t slide, pull the collars of the bars against the top safety rail. I also highly recommend putting a 10 pound weight plate on the ends with a collar to toally eliminate the possibility of the bar slipping down.

Do a practice rep without any weight plates on the lower ends to make sure the setup feels good. Sit on the end the bench and place the heels of your hands under the ends of the two bars. Now wrap your fingers around the ends of the bars. You may have to lift the bars up a little to get into the start position.

Perform a shoulder press movement from there. Start with your hands in the normal shoulder-width position. As you press up, bring your hands together overhead in an arc.

This freedom of movement is one of the most valuable benefits of this set-up. Most machines don’t allow you to do this–they lock your hands into position like a barbell, increasing the stress on your shoulder joints.

Dumbells do allow this freedom of movement but it’s very difficult to get very heavy dumbells up into position. With this exercise you get the best of both worlds…the ability to use more weight, like a machine, and the increased freedom of movement like dumbells.

Now it’s time to add some weight to the bars. Use smaller sized plates (5, 10, and 25 pounders, at the most) so you don’t bang them together at the top. If the plates are larger, you won’t be able to bring them together as close, which will limit the effectiveness of the exercise.

Start adding weight conservatively – remember, you’re also lifting the weight of the bars as well.

It is EXTREMELY important that you use very solid collars on the bars on the lower ends. The bars are at a steep angle and the potential for the weights to slide off is great. Check for signs of slippage between sets (gaps between the weight plates and the bar collars). asynchronous motor
Perform the seated shoulder press as you normally would on a machine. You’ve now got yourself a shoulder press machine!

Why This Exercise Is So Effective:

As I mentioned above, one of the major benefits of this setup is the freedom of movement you get with the bars. Unlike machines and like dumbells, you are able to bring your hands together at the top of the movement.

Another advantage of this setup over a regular machine or barbell is the independent movement of the bars. This eliminates the problem of the stronger side helping out the weaker side too much and creating strength imbalances. It also allows you to perform both one arm presses and alternating arm presses very easily.

The possibility of using more weight, like a barbell or machine, without having to get those weights up to shoulder position on your own power, like with dumbells, is a tremendous advantage as well.


A good shoulder press machine is hard to find. Why not build your own machine that actually works better! All you need is a couple of bars and a rack.

You probably keep all your tax returns

Treadmill instructions are always the last thing you think about when you open up your new treadmill. Hey, it’s new so why do you need the instructions? Well, to make sure you set your machine up right and to learn about all the features and benefits of your new machine. Once you’re treadmill is setup, read through the whole manual and make sure you have a good idea of what your machine can do and what you need to know to get the most out of it. Take note of the regular maintenance schedules and know the best maintenance practices and requirements so your treadmill has a long problem free life.

But what’s even more important than following and reading your treadmill instructions when you buy your new treadmill, is making sure you keep them in a safe place when you’re done with them. Usually, you’ll go years without having to need your manual but it’s that time when you need it to replace key parts that it pays for itself. Replacing a worn belt is fairly easy when you can follow a step by step procedure, but trying to figure it out yourself can cost you time and some serious cash. One wrong move and you might ruin something else that will increase your cost. You can also have a professional do it but you’re paying a heavy price even before they replace any parts.

You probably keep all your tax returns and home mortgage documents in a specific folder and in a place you know where to find whatever you need. So why not get another folder for all the appliances, TVs, treadmills and other purchases you make. These documents can not only help you run your treadmill properly, repair them correctly but they might also be required for your to take advantage of your manufacturers warranty.

If you find yourself searching unsuccessfully for your treadmill instructions or manuals, there is some hope. A great resource you can use to find instruction manuals for many makes and models of treadmills is and hand drier motor specifically for treadmill manuals, All you have to do is go to the URL and type in the make and model of your treadmill and it will provide results for your query. You can also just click the link of your make and it will give you all the models available and their related manuals.

A quality treadmill cost a decent amount of money, so try and protect your investment by following the manual and caring for your machine as outlined and recommended within the treadmill instructions. Doing so will save you a whack of cash, time and even minimize the training downtime created by damaged equipment. A damaged treadmill that can’t be used will inevitably become a bulky clothes hanger and will stop your good health intentions in their tracks. But it can all be avoided by following your manuals and keeping your treadmill instructions in a safe place with all your other important documents.

CanAm imaging is committed to being your supplier

Fortunately there are a few equipment manufacturers in the world whose products are so well made, you can trust a reconditioned model to be a cost effective way of getting all the features and performance of a new model. The advantage for businesses like yours is you have the opportunity to buy, rent or lease premium brand equipment at non-premium brand prices.

Xerox builds its digital printer and copier equipment to the highest industry standards. Their customer service is unrivalled. The result is that previously owned Xerox printing equipment is among the most reliable equipment, new or used, available for purchase, rent or lease.

There is reliable reconditioned Xerox equipment available over their entire model range. Whether you need air purifier motor digital printing presses for a large print shop, or a printer/scanner/copier for a small office, there are options for you to have Xerox equipment where you work.

Just as there is a reconditioned Xerox machine to suit your purposes, there are financing options to suit your budget. Whether you want to buy, rent or lease, you can find a plan that works to allow you to have a Xerox much more quickly than you thought possible.

A reconditioned Xerox machine also makes it easier for existing Xerox users to move up to a model with the features they need. Even better, when they move up, they will be able to sell their old Xerox equipment and make the move more affordable.

The option to acquire reconditioned Xerox equipment is so popular, Xerox has set strict standards for the reconditioning process. Your Xerox-approved reconditioned machine, whether purchased, leased or rented, can be covered by Xeroxs machine service agreements.

Not every reconditioned Xerox reseller meets Xeroxs standard for reconditioning. You need to be careful that the reconditioned Xerox equipment you get for your company is from a Xerox-approved reconditioning specialist.

CanAm imaging is committed to being your supplier of choice for reconditioned Xerox imaging machines. With a 40,000 sq. ft., reconditioning facility, we are able to offer you the Xerox machine you need with the financing option you want. CanAm is a Gold Level Xerox Value reseller and our reconditioned Xerox imaging products exceeds Xeroxs standards for reconditioning.

If one would enlist the help of another professional

Advertising had long since been a major determinant of a business’ success. This would include the presentation of the product / service to the consumers. What really matters is how it is presented to the target market to be able to capture it.

Whatever the package, the ad media also plays a great role in determining the success of the product or service awareness.

What may be its advantages over other proven medium like the best-selling TV ads?


1. Low Cost

Eventhough the Internet ad might be viewed as “classy” or far-reaching, as compared to other medium, this is far cheaper than most. Internet Ad Packages are offered for as low as $29.99 for a one-month run-time period.

2. Capture market

Should your product / service aim to cater to the younger generation or the corporate-oriented ones, Internet ad would be best since they would always be “hooked-up” into the net surfing sites that might have a link to your very own. Result, a great number of “hits” on your site!

2. Hassle free

All you would ever really need is a PC (and some knowledge and bright ideas in forming your site) wherein you could open your site, search for the best Internet Ad package, and check / update the status of your ad. You may actually never have to leave your home to advertise!

3. Updated ads

Unlike the TV ads that need to be updated on a regular basis, Internet ads may run for quite some time without the need for change. If so, change in the site is very minimal and may be done easily at home.


1. Scope
Limited market may be captured if one would solely use the Internet Ad for advertising. Although most people now are into the use of technology, i.e. surfing the Internet, still, majority of the average consumers still relies on the old form of advertising as a means of gathering information about certain products / service.

2. Additional cost

If one would enlist the help of another professional or establishment to produce the site for their product or service, this would entail additional range hood motor costs on the part of the entrepreneur.

Given the stated list of advantages and disadvantages about low-coast Internet Ad, an entrepreneur may now weigh in its applicability to his / her product or service.

The aim of Internet ad is to offer the widest range or “Maximum Exposure” of the brand at the least possible cost. Now, does that not sound good or what?

Holiday rental properties are fast becomin

Holiday rental properties are fast becoming a niche in terms of summer holidays. The package holiday is making way for a new breed of holidaymakers. With the explosion of the Internet, every vacation rental property owner can now showcase worldwide with the touch of a few buttons. Holiday makers are now coming round to the idea of booking their own lodgings and the net has has created this facility.

Package vacation are nice for those wanting a quick couple of weeks in the sun, laid on the beach in the daytime and propping up the bar at night. However booking your own transport and lodgings gives the vacationer scope to do what you want from your vacation. You get a sense of satisfaction knowing you are getting just what you want and need from your vacation, and that you did it yourself!. motor for elevator Holiday rentals Advertising

So you have finished your searching, you know where you would like to go, you organise the transport and vacation rental to suit your needs and requirements. There are loads of companies that are offering cheap flights, and if you are not picky you can pick up real bargains. Accommodation can be found at many online websites.

The reason there are lots vacation rental properties on the web today, is vacation property owners want to make money! They understand good advertising helps get bookings.

Internet Holiday Rental advertising businesses mostly charge a fee of between $100 and $500 per year, and it seems the higher up the Google search the site is, the more they charge This makes great business sense as people looking for accommodation will be looking at the first couple of pages that appear in results when they search, it just depends what they are searching for! It could be vacation rentals or rental property in Spain so we could say there is a monopoly of sorts as when you get to to the top you have more money to pay for SEO and advertising enabling you to stay above the competition.

Keep in mind that nothing in this article is intended

If you are in the market for a washing machine, you may be wondering which brands and models of washing machines are good and which brands will make the most sense for you. Through this article you are provided an overview of those brands and models that have garnered solid reputations through the years.

Keep in mind that nothing in this article is intended to be a specific endorsement of one brand or model of a washing machine over another. Rather, the material presented to you in this article is provided for informational purposes to make your search for the most appropriate washing machine easier.

Maytag has long stood for solidly build, efficient and effective washing machines. Moreover, Maytag washing also has developed a solid track record when it comes to customer service and support. The Maytag guarantee and waranty is one of the best in the business today.
Frigidaire is also a washing machine manufacturer that has garnered strong recognition in the industry. Frigidaire is known for building quality and effective appliances that withstand the test of time. In addition, as is the case with Maytag, Frigidaire has a solid warranty and guarantee program attached to its products.

Finally, when it comes to washing machines that have garnered a good reputation, LG is becoming bathroom exhaust motor a front running manufacturer. In recent years an ever growing number of people have taken to purchasing LG appliances, including LG washing machines.

Of course, another consideration that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to a good washing machine is its price. In this regard, Maytag, Frigidaire and LG provide models in a wide variety of different price ranges. Therefore, no matter what your budget happens to be, you are likely to be able to find an appliance that you are looking for at a price that you can afford.

In the end, if you want to make sure that you get a good washing machine, you will want to make sure that you do your homework before you head out to shop around. By being well educated before you head out and begin shopping for a washing machine you will be in the best position to make sure that you end up purchasing the appliance that will best meet your needs and fit within your budget. You will ensure that you get the appliance that will meet your needs today and into the future as well.